Feed My Brain – Can It Increase Your Child Academic Performance?

Feed My Brain – Can it increase your child academic performance?

(PRWEB) November 4, 2004

FMB has been the Â?lifeworkÂ? of bio-medical researcher and author, Dr. Alexander Schauss. With nearly three decades of studying the effects of nutrition on brain function, Dr. Schauss began his quest to develop FMB in 1983 following a four-year study by New York City Public School system, the largest school district in the United States, on the effects of diet on academic performance. This study involved more than 800,000 students; the largest academic performance-nutrition study ever conducted in the world. Dr. Schauss worked with the New York school officials to ensure that they studied the effects of a series of dietary changes on student performance over a four-year period.

What was the results?

The results of this study showed that the New York students made the most significant gains in standardizing academic test performance of any large school system in the United States! Soon after the results from this massive study were reported in the mid 1980’s, Dr. Schauss began work to determine which nutrients and foods might be responsible for the remarkable improvements in academic performance credited to the dietary changes he supported.

After years of testing, the first commercial scale quantities of FMB were introduced and evaluated in open field trials in the Far East. By 1999, tens of thousands of students had used FMB without any reported side effects or adverse events. With consistently positive reports by parents and school officials, Dr. Schauss arranged for an independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, in the Phoenix, Arizona School District, to test four hypotheses which can be generally described as a study to test the treatment effect of 13 weeks of supplementation on 245 school children with average intelligence in the age range of 6-12 years (the 1997 FMB Study). The dietary supplement that was used as the Â?activeÂ? contained the same ingredients as those now offered in Â?Feed My BrianÂ?. The IQ levels of participants both before and after the testing, was measured. A macro analysis was published in 1999 covering this study and 12 other randomized, double-blind trials involving more than 1,400 students age 6 to 17 in school systems across the country and around the world.

The 1997 FMB Study was unique in several respects; among other things, its report was the largest two group IQ study on children that had ever been published; also, a special Â?randomizationÂ? design was used to ensure the highest quality of results. Impressively, 19% of the students who took FMB, experienced a 15.9 IQ (non-verbal) point net gain; the average net IQ point gain among those children who consumed FMB was 9.97 or 24.7% higher than the average net point gain experienced by those who took the placebo. In order to place the magnitude of this increase in IQ in social perspective, a typical high school graduate who enters a vocational trade school has an average IQ of 100 while the typical college graduate who is successful in graduate school has an IQ of 115.

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The researchers concluded the FMB group gained on average 9.97 IQ points compared an increase of 7 points in IQ in the placebo group. The scientists could find no other explanation for the gain in IQ other than it was due to FMB. Although it is clear that this supplement of about 22 vitamins and minerals raises IQ, the design of the study does not allow identification of which nutrients caused the changes. The study also found that student behavior in the classroom improved significantly in FMB students but not in students taking placebo (sugar pills) (p=0.001). Therefore, it is important that your children take FMB since it was the only dietary supplement tested in this well controlled and well-designed clinical trial. FMB increases intelligence and mental performance in children with poor nutritional habits. The results of the 1999 FMB study were published in the well-respected and peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. Accept no substitute. Discover the power of FMB and help your child reach their full potential!

Can it increase your child academic performance?

Your child’s brain can benefit from the nutrients in the FMB Children’s Formula to ensure proper brain function, if they are missing these nutrients because of the way they eat. Loaded with Â?learning nutrients,Â? FMB is a clinically tested dietary supplement that can increase academic performance in children and significantly improve student behavior.

In fact, FMB is the ONLY supplement on the market today clinically tested to increase a childÂ?s innate IQ up to 16 points! Balanced and scientifically formulated to naturally work with the chemistry of the brain, FMB Children’s Formula is ideal for ages 5 through 17.

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