1. Feed Your Genes

Feed Your Genes – And Regenerate Your Life!

。Why “Feed Your Genes?”

。How Do You Feed Your Genes?

。What Part Does Functional Nutrition Play In This Process?

Video: Feed Your Genes – Chinese

Video: Feed Your Genes – English

Genes are at the center of our cells.   They store the data that controls all cell functions.  And they insure that the cell will optimally continue its functions — which include energy production, and cell regeneration.

So, for healthy survival and regeneration of your cell, it’s vital that your genes are fed all the nutrition they need to express their information at the genetic level accurately to the cell.

Research has shown that certain foods found in nature, called “functional foods” or “functional food concentrates” actually pass on these needed nutrients.  These foods can be grown organically, and harvested with minimal effect on their nutritional value.  And they can be sysnergistically blended to reach targeted  cells and communicate their information in the most effective way.  The end result is continued vitality and quality regenerative life.

This research, and it’s conclusions and recommendations, is at the heart of Functional Nutrition.

So, check back here often to discover all the newest discoveries and practical processes being developed in this revolutionary field.  It can change your life!