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What Is Functional Nutrition?

Nutrition is the science of FOOD, feeding  and supporting the body.  It starts with the overall body systems, the digestive, the cardio-vascular, and all the other systems — down to the level of the cells.  The goal of Nutrition is to support a body so that it remains healthy and grows naturally.

However,  “Functional Nutrition goes even deeper.

Where Nutrition usually stops at the level of the cells,  “Functional Nutrition” focuses into the cell, down to the level of the genes, where it supports genetic functions.  The goal to “feed the genes,” providing “gene nutrition,” so that the genes perform optimally.

Functional Nutrition identifies and utilizes “Functional Food Concentrates”  to perform this process of “Gene Nutrition.”   Such concentrates include: Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly, Chlorophyll from Wheat-grass and Alfalfa Concentrates, and many other important antioxidants and nutriments.

And since the genes are responsible for the regeneration process, Functional Nutrition yields many regenerative benefits.  That is the subject of this entire website.

I am your REGENERATION Coach!

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