Functional Nutrition And Regeneration



Hello!  My name is Dr. Jawid Khan.  I am a resident of Hong Kong, where, after gaining science and medical degrees in England and the United States, I have conducted private medical and nutritional practice for many years serving clients from around the world.

Today many of my clients, when we first meet, can’t believe my actual age.  But I explain that your health and youthful appearance do not result from luck, or healthy ancestors, or some fortunate accident.  They are the result of the natural process of REGENERATION.


Announcing: New Webinar Series!

Here is the first of a great series of Webinars by Dr. Khan, held 2 or 3 times every month.

Dr. Khan Interviews Professor Man:

  • Vice president of World Chinese Medical Federation
  • Expert of Chinese Special Medicinal and Botanical Nutrition
  • Nutrition Professor of Chinese Medical Association
  • Committee of Cancer-Curing Foundation of Shenyang
  • Volunteer Team of Red Cross Society of China
  • Creator & Initiator of the ‘Guozhen Ten-Way Therapeutic and Anti-cancer Diet’

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Learn about the exciting new developments in Functional Nutrition and REGENERATION around the world.


You don’t have to be born with good health, nor never have suffered an illness, nor have eaten properly and exercised all your life.  You can start right now, in whatever condition you now stand, and literally regenerate into a healthy, younger looking body.  You can turn back your chronological age, and begin life fresh and new!

The agent of the regenerative process is FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION — a 21st Century miracle!

This site is all about how YOU can call upon this miracle to literally Regenerate Yourself!


What Is Functional Nutrition?

Enjoy a short video where you learn about Functional Nutrition…

Video: Functional Nutrition – Chinese

Video: Functional Nutrition – English

In the video I spoke of 10 Paths, and now there are 12 Paths you can choose to bring the benefits of Functional Nutrition into your life:

Twelve Effective Paths To Choose

process.  Choose which area is most important for you Right NOW!

Yes, you can start experiencing the Regeneration Miracle today.


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1.  Gene Nutrition: Feed Your Genes!
2.  Plant Stem-Cell Therapy: 33 Days To Total Cell Regeneration!
3.  GI Genius: Develop Your Brilliant Gastrointestinal System!
4.  Young Heart: Cardio-Vascular Regeneration — Like A Teen Again!
5.  Young Skin: Grow Young In 27 Days!
6.  Hair Pro: Protect And Rejuvenate Your Hair Now!
7.  Shape Your Body: 12 Weeks To Your New Physique!
8.  Mind On Fire: Cure Brain Inflammation –Take Charge Of Your Mental Health!
9.  Emotional Balance: Enjoy The Nutritional-Emotional Connection.


10. Fibro-Blast Your Bones: Regenerate Your Joints, Cartilage And Skeletal System!
11. Endless Energy: Regenerate Your Liver, Fuel The Powerhouse Of Your Cells!
12. Vital Pro: Ignite Your Libido As You Age Gracefully

Choose Any Of These 12 Areas…

Regenerate Your Life!