Functional Nutrition And Regeneration



My name is Dr. Jawid Khan. I am a resident of Hong Kong, where, after gaining science and medical degrees in England and the United States, I have conducted private medical and nutritional practice for many years serving clients from around the world.


Today many of my clients, when we first meet, can’t believe my actual age. But I explain that your health and youthful appearance do not result from luck, or healthy ancestors, or some fortunate accident. They are the result of the natural process of REGENERATION.


You don’t have to be born with good health, nor never have suffered an illness, nor have eaten properly and exercised all your life. You can start right now, in whatever condition you now stand, and literally regenerate into a healthy, younger looking body. You can turn back your chronological age, and begin life fresh and new!


The agent of the regenerative process is FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION — a 21st Century miracle!


This site is all about how YOU can call upon this miracle to literally Regenerate Yourself!