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Can Antioxidants Really Prolong Life?

Posted by Dr. Jawid on 22/03/2011 in Antioxidants with No Comments

Can Antioxidants Really Prolong Life?

The answer to that is a resounding “Yes!”

When you take antioxidants, such as Veriuni Advanced Antioxidant, you slow the aging process and thus live longer.


What is aging? Oh, sure, we all know we are born, we live, we get old and we die, right? But we are talking more of chronological age than cellular age. Our body cells reproduce at slower and slower rate, and the aging process takes over with cells disintegrating at a faster and faster pace until the body can no longer continue.


But why does this happen? Why can’t the cells keep going?


Prior to the 1950’s and really into the 1980’s the popular theory was that the cells were controlled solely by the genes, and it was your genetic make-up that determined how long you would live, and that was that – accept it as inevitable. One lone researcher, Dr. Denhan Harman, published an article way back in 1959 describing his “free radical” theory of aging. It was pooh-poohed and ignored. The gene theory held sway until 1980’s and 1990’s when more modern researchers began to find other evidence (based on Dr. Harman’s theory) that the gene theory was not necessarily the whole truth.


The more modern researchers discovered that the “free radical” theory was not far off the mark. As a matter of fact, it was darn close to being flat on the mark. Enter antioxidants.


Before going any further, let’s define a couple of words:


What are free radicals? Through the process of metabolism molecules are oxidized. In particular, the oxygen molecule, normally two atoms of oxygen, O2, is oxidized into just plain O. This is a free radical. It is chemically very active and unstable and tries to combine with anything nearby. In the process the free oxygen radical destroys tissue. Another form of the oxygen radical is -OH, the hydroxl radical, also very destructive.


Now, antioxidants, which are certain organic substances including some vitamins and minerals, neutralize the destructive free radicals, slowing tissue damage.


You see what the researchers found out? If you can slow the body’s tissue damage due to free radicals, you can prolong life!


But exactly what are these substances and where are they found?


To begin with the body produces antioxidants in a quantity sufficient to keep you healthy. Unfortunately, after age 20 the quantity of antioxidants produced by the body gradually decreases with age. This is why you need supplements.


Dr. Chrisiaan Leeuwenburgh, a professor at the University of Florida in the College of Health and Human performances published an article in January 2004’s American Journal of Physiology. In the article the Dr. stated: “Our most significant finding was that anti-oxidant intervention slows down basal skeletal muscle oxidation, which causes the body to age. This is the first evidence of this.” Dr. Leeuwenburgh performed his study along with researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine. The professor recommended daily antioxidant intake to protect against heart disease and to prolong life.


Many other researchers have since come to the same conclusions: antioxidant supplements are necessary to fight disease, limit tissue damage, and to allow people to live longer.


Where do I find antioxidants?


As mentioned before, your body produces antioxidants, enough to keep you healthy until you reach the age of 20. After 20 the supply of antioxidants produced by your body gradually decreases with age. Other sources of antioxidants are:


Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, but only if they are really fresh. No gassed tomatoes!

Vitamins A, C, and E, and Beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is two molecules of vitamin A hooked together. These are all good antioxidants, but they ALL must be taken together to be effective, and even then, you need some help from certain minerals and organic substances to attain the best anti-oxidative effects.
Selenium. Selenium is a mineral, which increases the antioxidative effects of the vitamins mentioned above.

Red wine extract. This is a fairly recent discovery. Researchers looking into the French phenomenon (why the French, who love to eat high cholesterol foods, had one of the lowest rates of heart problems), found that the majority of Frenchmen drank red wine regularly. Further research found that red wine extract was a potent antioxidant.

Certain amino acids such as l-cysteine, and the B-Complex group of vitamins.

CoQ10. This is a co-enzyme which helps to activate certain of the antioxidants. ThatÂ?s what enzymes do. They are organic catalysts or activators.

Now, because each of the antioxidants listed affects a different part of the body, no one antioxidant is sufficient to protect you. A blend of all the best antioxidants is the only way to go if you are looking for effective antioxidant results.


One of the best antioxidants on the market is the Veriuni Advanced Antioxidant. It contains all the recommended antioxidant substances and has been tested and proven to be an extremely effective antioxidant mixture.


I have been taking antioxidants for some 15 years, long before they started becoming acceptable, and Veriuni’s Advanced Antioxidant is the best I have ever seen. It contains everything needed for effective antioxidation.


Where can you get the Veriuni Advanced Antioxidant capsules and the Veriuni Liquid Nutrition? At


Back to the original question Â? antioxidants will not make you immortal, but taking antioxidants will prolong your life and help you live a healthier life.


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